Sarah Read Something

‘The Enchanted Life’ by Sharon Blackie and ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ by Peter Wohlleben.

Sharon and Peter have sat side by side on my bookshelf for the last few months. They have intrigued and inspired me in equal measure. It is through their insightful and engaging writing that this blog came about, as a way to share appreciation of the world we inhabit and the lives we lead.

What I have gained from their writing, is a whole new realisation and understanding that I am part of a complex community, one that burrows deeper than the people I see and the landmarks I know. One that was always there right before me, surrounding me and speaking to me but I was blissfully unaware. A bit like that unsung hero who is always there, nurturing and nourishing quietly, but is only truly noticed once in a while.IMG_20180612_134346.jpg

I’ve walked the same meadow footpath for years and only recently recognised that path for it’s own unique personality. Appreciate it for what it offers to those around it and marvel at it’s untiring beauty, resilience and stoicism. These books offer an insight into a hidden life, a hidden community that has never really been hidden at all. They explore how we have largely forgotten what nature has not, the idea of transcending communication – it crosses species and time. Arguably, maybe that is what true community is?

Suddenly, the idea of neighbourhood gossip has taken a really enticing turn. Somewhere between the dainty forget-me-nots and the ancient oak, it doesn’t seem so idle any more….

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