Plastic in Nature or Nature in Plastic?

Whilst preparing for a Summer visit to Kew Gardens and a few trips to the Coast, I started thinking about our potential impact on these places – from a delicate sandal crushing a fallen flower on a perfectly paved footpath, to a herd of walking boots eroding a sand dune. None of it seems to be the result of intention – more curiosity, naivety or lack of awareness? Our footprints on the Earth as we mould and shape it to suit us.

Then I thought about plastic, it seems inescapable on every level; in every environment. The irony that surrounds it, from the cheerful picnic cup and brightly coloured straw promising fun and frivolity to the plastic bags which carry our bounty from the shops.  The life and abundance it seemed to symbolise no longer holds the innocent intentions. It can’t now that we know about the plastic stuffed whales and the littered coral reefs. The world seems engulfed by it’s presence, so I ask is plastic in nature or nature in plastic?


It is ironic that something which is moulded and pliant in creation could be so rigid and predictable in it’s destructive fate.


Alien jellyfish, imposters in the deep

Tattered black catkin choking a sapling

Pebbles of perfect innocence pollute rivers of red.


A poncho for a seabird

A lip ring for a seal

Whilst the rodents wear necklaces-

collars of torture or straightjacket of plastic yokes.


Toxic temptress, calling to all life

A siren call to hungry whales and curious creatures.

Calling them to torture, to pay penance for human folly.


Empty promises of endless service began with

‘cheaper, faster, better’

Now hear this-

‘death, destruction, demise’.



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