‘Silver Darlings’

Scotch Lassies and Silver Darlings.

Like kindred beings, the lassies follow where the darlings will go; from Scotland to Yarmouth, with thick woollen jumpers rolled up at the sleeve and headscarves to keep from the North Sea wind.

The darlings will gift the lassies with flickers of silver and red. Jewels adorning a wax apron and arms from finger tip to elbow. At lightening speed the darlings are spent and their precious bodies are joined with crystal; salt and ice to barrel. Treasure chests of cargo to train and to boat, or maybe to smoke. IMG_20180719_122518.jpg

The lassies will knit – their hands accustomed to pace. Needles a substitute for knife and scarves and jumpers a woolly counterpart for herring, which sit in towers surrounding the harbour. Watching over their fishergirls; women of travel, resilience and stoicism.

For months the kin perform their sacrificial encounter, one another fixed in a dance so quick… until the changing of the tides and the changing of the season.

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