Generation Plastic-Fantastic?

As a parent, it is quite easy to notice the glut of plastic freebies attached to children’s magazines and included in an array of items aimed at our new generation. September is synonymous with the ‘Back to School’ message. But what about educating these young people about the environment and promoting ways for them to live well outside of school? The Government has tried it with the ‘Eat Well’ message – to some success. So, how do we even begin the challenge of tackling plastic?

What message are we sending to a new generation when these bright and cheap items are offered to them so freely? When we are fighting so hard already to clean up our own, and our parents fatal attachment to plastic. These toys almost never last, they’re bright and attractive but none-the-less, empty…therein lies the short sighted message.

What’s more, these items are almost always wrapped in – yes, you’ve guessed it – more plastic! How can magazines for example, replicate the freebie thrill for children by replacing these items? How can we evolve past plastic? Supermarkets are quickly cottoning on to the benefits, lets hope toy manufacturers are paying attention.

Am I a scrooge? Am I missing the fun? I’ve thought about it, and I came up with a lasting thought; there was a time when small toys were collectable and stood the test of time. Looking to the future, will our children and grandchildren see these freebies as sought after swag? Maybe that is worth thinking about.

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