Witches and Women.

For October the month to celebrate all that resides in the shadows, I’ll write to celebrate a feminine theme and anyone who is not afraid to step out from darkness.


Devils marks and familiars lurking, wicked ones to meet pilnie-winks and caspie-claws. Seek out all who are different, who see things unlike you and dress them up with rumours; carefully adorn them with sinful lies. Start here, a illness so dreadful and fatal to all afflicted – witch fever to raise energies, murmurings of fear and prejudice.

Oh! Witchfinder General you condemn the innocent with trickery and deceit. For women would be labelled as the wicked sex, sent by the devil. You see a power benevolent but you fear for your own – a tale so often retold, of worry and loss of power.

But everyone makes wishes – atop birthday cakes and peaceful meadows, find shamrocks and playful dandelion clocks. Another energy to be raised, not from fear and selfish power – look upon the Earth and Mother Nature with wonder and praise. You will not find the devil here,  neither breath-taking waterfalls nor dizzying heights of mountains could take the life from a body so surely as prejudice and fear.






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